Work in progress.


Hunter base class.

Dex: 40-50

Magic: base

Endurance: anything to allow you to equip your favorite set and still fast roll

Strength: enough to use favorite melee weapon

Luck: Base

Faith: 16 (two slots for Second Chance)

Intelligence: Enough to cast Second Chance

Vitality: Everything else.


Weapons: Morion Blade, a good shield on the left hand; a good dex weapon and sticky compound long on the right. Makoto for bringing down HP to suitable levels. Catalyst/Talisman.

Rings: Clever Rat's Ring, Friend's Ring/Foe's Ring/Thief's Ring/Graverobber's Ring/other.

Armor: Any armor you can wear without sacrificing fast roll.


Bows represent the best use of hypermode (in my opinion) as they expose the user to minimal risk. Use the Makoto, fall damage, or enemies hitting you to get your HP below 30% (this is 30% of your current maximum health, so human form allows you to actually keep the most HP, while soul form is a bigger risk).

Offhand the morion blade and bow. For riskier places, switch out your shield and melee weapon. I like the Dark Silver shield for its high magic and physical defense. Remember that even if you have to use melee, if you upgraded your weapon diligently it can do frightful damage.The Foe's/Friend's Ring, Clever Rat's Ring and Morion Blade respectively increase your damage by 20%, 50% and 60%. These bonuses stack and compound. So for example, if you do 100 damage normally, putting on the foe's ring boosts to 120; 120*50%+120=180; 180*60%= 288. That's almost 3x normal damage!

Second Chance essentially negates the weakness of hypermode (that is, the risk of getting one shotted).