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The Tower Shield is a large shield in Demon's Souls. It is very similar to a Greatshield as it is very large and heavy.


In-Game Description

A gigantic shield used by one of the Boletarian heroes, the Tower Knight. It is said to repel all kinds of malice, but it is tremendously heavy and difficult to handle.
It is considered the largest of the known types of shields.


  1. Dropped by the Scraping Spear Black Phantom he can be found using the Tower Shield at the Penetrator Archstone.
  2. It can be found at Phalanx Archstone. , but the player needs Iron Ring of Keys is needed to unlock the door to the dungeon underneath the guard tower.


This item can be upgraded with a Colorless Demon's Soul by Blacksmith Ed (After giving him Red Hot Demon's Soul)

Name Guard Break Reduc.
Tower Shield 50
Tower Shield +1 73
Tower Shield +2 76
Tower Shield +3 79
Tower Shield +4 82
Tower Shield +5 85

Damage Reduction always stays at 100/60/90 for all upgrades.