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Demons Souls Nexus

The Nexus is the hub of the world and the game, where you go to store all your items, level up, repair equipment, and learn magic in exchange for souls.


  • The Monumental: At the top of the Nexus, asks the player to take on a mission to "lull the Old One back to slumber" once the player slays Phalanx and returns to the Nexus. The only penalty for answering "no" is being unable to acquire the Friend's Ring from the Monumental, even after gaining Pure White Character Tendency; the Monumental will still unseal the Archstones whatever the player's answer is.
  • Blacksmith Boldwin: Sells weaponry, ammunition and does basic repairs and upgrades for your weapons. Boldwin, unlike Ed, only handles standard or Quality upgrades.
  • Sage Freke: Teaches basic and advanced spells. He must be freed from a cell on the third floor of the eastern Prison of Hope before he appears in the Nexus. He cannot teach all of the spells that Yuria can teach.
  • Disciple of God: Teaches elementary miracles before Urbain is rescued. He disappears once Urbain arrives.
  • Mephistopheles: Gives the player various rewards in return for assassinating particular NPCs. She only appears once the player attains Pure Black Character Tendency and has killed Yurt.
  • Yurt, the Silent Chief: Kills various NPCs in the Nexus every time the player kills a boss. He will only appear if he is rescued from his cage beyond the Fool's Idol Archstone and is not killed afterwards. It is generally recommended to kill Yurt as soon as possible.



  • The ambient music will change once the player slays three Archdemons, from a lilting string instrument to a somewhat grim pipe organ song.