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The Monumental

The Monumental is the last remaining of their kind, the creators and guardians of the Nexus. They serve to maintain the stability and sanity of reality.


During the previous awakening of the Old One, the Monumentals, half living sentinels were created in response to the colorless Deep Fog, which had enshrouded much of the world, erasing it from existence along with half the people of the world. The Monumentals commissioned the creation of the Archstones to knit the remaining lands together and maintain the frayed fabric of reality. To serve in their task, the Monumentals lacked emotion or awareness.

Where previously there were many Monumentals, only one now remains.


The Monumental is the last pillar that sustains the Nexus and therefore the sanity of the world. They become accessible after you defeat Phalanx in 1-1. They will tell you the story of Boletaria and the Old Beast, and ask for your help to restore the world.

If the player answers "yes" to their question, They will give the Friend's Ring if they talk to them when their character tendency is pure white.