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The Talisman of Beasts is a Talisman in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

An old wooden amulet resembling the Old One.

It can utilize both miracles and spells.

The symbol of God was nothing more than the Image of the Old One.


It's dropped by the black phantom Scirvir the Wanderer in 2-2, or can be gained by assassinating Ostrava of Boletaria as part of Mephistopheles' quest-line.


The Talisman of Beasts scales more the closer the Magic and Faith stats are to being equal. However, generally speaking, even if your stats are unequal, as long as you meet the requirements for the Talisman it will beat the Wooden and Silver Catalysts in terms of damage.

It is one of the most powerful casting implements in the game at high (35+) Magic and Faith, also known as the "Pushed" Talisman of Beasts. At 43+ Magic and Faith, it becomes the outright most powerful casting implement.

Not meeting the requirements is known as the "Cracked" Talisman of Beasts. Notably, it reduces the HP drain of Cursed Weapon to 1HP/sec, making it indispensable when casting the spell. This was not patched or changed in the remake. It can also be useful for casting utility magic of both types, removing the need to switch between casting implements.