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The Spiral Rapier is a [[::Category:Thrusting Swords|Rapier]] in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

A rare rapier with spiral grooves carved into the blade. It is the weapon of choice of the stone gargoyles in Latria. It is meant to inflict pain and cause bleeding rather than deal damage, which provides a glimpse into the insanity of the Old Monk.


Attack Description
One-handed R1 Thrusts
One-handed R2 Reaching thrust
Two-handed R1 Thrusts
Two-handed R2 Reaching thrust
Running/Backstep attack Charging thrust
Rolling attack Thrust
Push Short thrust plus backward leap
One-handed L1 Thrust
One-handed L2 Parry


This weapon upgrades up to +10 with Sharpstone, or up to +5 with Bladestone, Marrowstone, Mercurystone, Suckerstone, or Darkmoonstone.