Demon's Souls Wiki
Spell How to learn it
Soul Arrow Freke`s Apperntice: 1000 souls
Flame Toss Freke`s Apprentice: 1000 souls
Protection Freke`s Apprentice: 5000 souls
Enchant Weapon Freke`s Apprentice: 5000 souls
Demon`s Prank Freke`s Apprentice: 500 souls
Water Veil Freke`s Apprentice: 500 souls
Cloak Freke`s Apprentice: 500 souls
Warding Sage Freke: Iron Demon's Soul (Tower Knight)
Soul Ray Sage Freke: Doll Demon's Soul (Fool`s Idol)
Homing Soul Arrow Sage Freke: Yellow Demon's Soul (Old Monk)
Firespray Sage Freke: Hard Demon's Soul (Armor Spider)
Fireball Sage Freke: Dragon Demon's Soul (Dragon God)
Light Weapon Sage Freke: Silver Demon's Soul (Penetrator)
Acid Cloud Sage Freke: Eroded Demon's Soul (Dirty Colossus)
Poison Cloud Sage Freke: Wriggling Demon's Soul (Leechmonguer)
Death Cloud Sage Freke: Pureblood Demon's Soul (Maiden Astraea)
Firestorm Yuria the Witch: Dragon Demon's Soul (Dragon God)
Ignite Yuria the Witch: Hard Demon's Soul (Armor Spider)
Curse Weapon Yuria the Witch: Silver Demon's Soul (Penetrator)
Thirst Yuria the Witch: Yellow Demon's Soul (Old Monk)
Relief Yuria the Witch: Pureblood Demon's Soul (Maiden Astraea)
Soulsucker Yuria the Witch: Maiden In Black's Demon's Soul (Maiden in Black)

Miracle How to learn it
Heal Disciple of God : Costs 5000 souls
Antidote Disciple of God : Costs 3000 souls
Evacuate Disciple of God : Costs 20,000 souls
Subdue Soul Disciple of God : Costs 3000 souls
Recovery Saint Urbain: Costs 3 Colorless Demon Souls (Primeval Demon)
Rage of God Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Dragon Soul (Dragon God)
Banish Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Yellow Soul (Old Monk)
Slow Recovery Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Swollen Soul (Adjudicator)
Revival Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Hero Soul (Old Hero)
Anti-Magic Field Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Storm Soul (Storm King)
Cure Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Wriggling Soul (Leechmonger)
Resurrection Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Pureblood Soul (Maiden Astraea)