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Sparkly the Crow is a character in Demon's Souls. She is a special merchant in 4-1 who can be given "shiny" items. In return, she will give the player various items.


Sparkly can be reached via various routes, although the fastest is turning left after the first fog door, ascending the stairs and proceeding downhill to the next tower. Ascend that tower and Sparkly is at the highest point.


To trade, the player must drop the item on the ground, wait for Sparkly to respond in the affirmative, and then quit to menu and reload the game. The traded item will be available to pick up.

Most of Sparkly's items are only marginally useful. However, of particular note is that the player can obtain the Fragrant Ring very early in the game on any class if they rescued Ostrava and trade their Brass Telescope. As the player gets at least two Talismans of God, trading one for a Colorless Demon Soul is perhaps the most beneficial trade in the game. A Gold Mask can be traded for one as well.

The remake adds several new trades, trading a Gold Coin is required for the rings achievement, and Pure Bladestone is as well if the player did not get the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Dropped Item Recieved Item
Soul Remains x10 White Arrow
Augite of Guidance x10 White Arrow
Shard of Mercurystone x10 Full Moon Grass
Chunk of Mercurystone x10 New Moon Grass
Pure Mercurystone x10 Dark Moon Grass
Shard of Faintstone x5 Shard of Archstone
Chunk of Faintstone x10 Sticky White Stuff
Pure Faintstone x3 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
Jade Hair Ornament Regenerator's Ring
Brass Telescope Fragrant Ring
Large Sword of Moonlight Ring of Devout Prayer
Phosphorescent Pole Ring of Magical Dullness
Silver Coronet Storied Hero's Soul
Silver Bracelet Storied Hero's Soul
Talisman of God Colorless Demon's Soul
Gold Mask Colorless Demon's Soul
Gold Coin Ring of Uneven Scales
Pure Bladestone Ring of Longevity
Rune Sword x40 White Arrow
Rune Shield Hoplite Shield
Ceramic Coin x26 Rusted Key to open door to Penetrator Set