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Silver Skeletons are enemies in Demon's Souls.

They attack with large falchions, and tend to use erratic and relatively difficult-to-parry attacks. These attacks include two horizontal slashes, an extremely slow overhead slash, an uppercut, and a relatively slow thrust. They also frequently dodge/roll toward or around the player when engaging at long distance or after attacking; this roll deals minor physical damage. All of its attacks except the roll can inflict Bleeding. They are highly resistant to slashing and piercing damage while being quite weak to blunt and fire damage. Upon death, they commonly drop Soul Remains, uncommonly drop shards of Sharpstone, and rarely drop a Shotel.

There is also a less common variety that attacks exclusively with a longbow. Their arrows deal both physical and magic damage, and mark the player with a white aura for several seconds if the player does not successfully block; this aura is visible to other players in online play and is not concealed by the Graverobber's Ring or other stealth effects. Upon death, they uncommonly drop a Compound Longbow or three to five Holy Arrows.