Shields are a type of equipment in Demon's Souls.


Shields are typically equipped on the offhand slot. Shields absorb damage; although weapons can also absorb damage through blocking, they almost always feature much lower damage reduction. How much shields absorb are reflected by their statistics.

Shield TypesEdit

Small Shields
Small Shields are the lightest shields, making them good for faster classes that do not want to be encumbered by heavy equipment. The in-game weapon type is listed as: Small Shield.
Standard Shields
Standard Shields usually have better stability and damage reduction than small shields, but at the price of increased weight. The in-game weapon type is listed as: Shield.
Large Shields
Large Shields usually come with better defensive values and stability than small and medium shields, but at the cost of greater weight. The in-game weapon type is listed as: Large Shield.

List of ShieldsEdit

Small ShieldsEdit

Standard ShieldsEdit

Large ShieldsEdit

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