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Scirvir the Wanderer is a character in Demon's Souls.


He is found in Area 2-2, or Tunnel City in the remake. From the archstone, turn right and drop down the platforms in the large mine shaft until you reach a mine tunnel halfway down.


Pure White World Tendency[]

Body form Scirvir will be sitting there and ask the player to find the Dragon Bone Smasher. When it is equipped, he rewards the player with a Pure Greystone. He drops Ronin's Ring if killed.

Pure Black World Tendency[]

Black Phantom Scirvir will be standing in roughly the same spot. He wields a Shortsword, and can cast Fire Spray, Fireball and Ignite, as well as healing miracles. He drops the Talisman of Beasts when killed.


In many cases, Black Phantom Scirvir's magic can instantly kill the player, and his miracles can heal him when his health gets low. The player can dodge his fire attacks (or, if using Purple Flame Shield or Large Brushwood Shield, simply tank them) until he runs out of MP. He has no way to regenerate it, forcing him to use his sword attacks. While also heavily damaging, these are easily blocked, and the player can then retaliate with a combo. The same thing can be repeated over and over until Scirvir is dead, even with a relatively weak weapon.