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Satsuki in front of the entrance to the Shrine of Storms

Satsuki is a character in Demon's Souls.


  • Satsuki is initially found at the very beginning of 4-1. He is on top of the unclimbable structure, where he will stay until the player reaches Pure White World Tendency. It's impossible to interact with him at this point, although it is possible to hit him with ranged attacks. He will move out of sight if he takes damage.
  • If Pure White World Tendency is reached, he will be found next to the first Skeleton in the area.
  • If Pure Black World Tendency is reached, he can be found as a Black Phantom in the same area.


Satsuki is a warrior from an eastern land, in search of the Magic Sword "Makoto". He is obsessed with the legendary sword, and will do anything to obtain it.

When first encountered, Satsuki tells the player that he is looking for the Makoto, saying it's a keepsake of his father. Talking to him after acquiring the weapon will prompt him to ask the player to hand over the weapon. Regardless of the player's choice, he will then attack the player.


Killing Satsuki while he is in body form will lower World Tendency by -3.


When approached: "Hey, you over there! You seem to have your head about you. Come here. I have a proposal for you. Do not be afraid. You have much to gain."

First encounter: I am Satsuki, I seek a keepsake of my father. Have you seen the sword inscribed "Makoto"? I will offer you Demon souls if you can help me find it.

Bringing him the Makoto: Ah, you have found the Makoto, have you? Bless your good fortune. And, well, your good work. Now, just hand the Makoto over to me.

Answering "No": What on earth is wrong with you? How dare you waste my precious time!? Do you not want Demon souls?

Answering "No" again: Fine. Have it your way. A duel will settle this.

Answering "Yes": Yes, yes, this is she. This luster… It's finally mine! Keh heh heh heh. Except… could this sword really be as deadly as the rumors claim? There is only one way to find out!

If the player fights Satsuki with the Makoto: Hmm, expecting the Makoto to warm up to you? Nonsense. Your very touch soils her impeccable hilt. May you plunge to the depths of hell for your unsavory insolence!

If attacked: How dare you?! You shall pay in blood!

If Satsuki kills the player with the Makoto: The Makoto lives up to its name. Its blade shines with an unworldly perfection.