There are two ways to get the Rune Shield:

  1. Killing Ostrava of Boletaria's black phantom after he committed suicide on the stairs that leads to the the bridge that leads to elevator.
  2. Go to 3-2 of Latria you can get this shield with a careful fall, not far into the level.
    1. After you reach the large tower at the center of the level (the tower with giant beating heart above), take the spiral stairs up to the left, until you reach the next floor and the first area on the left with pots and no railing on the outside.
    2. Break some pots here and walk to the edge, you can see a narrow ledge below. If you walk slowly and diagonally off the edge you can barely land on the ledge below.
    3. Follow the ledge to the left and you can pick up both a Rune Sword and Shield.
    4. From here you have to drop down to the next ledge below and proceed.


"A gilded shield crafted with exquisite design.

Strongly enhanced with magic, it protects the user from magical attacks.

It is the weapon of the legendary hero who used this shield with its paired rune sword." in game


Upgrading the Rune Shield only upgrades the magic defense. Also, guard break reduction stays at 50, damage reduction 100/60/70, and damage 65/0/0 always.

Name Magic Defense
Rune Shield 30
Rune Shield +1 36
Rune Shield +2 42
Rune Shield +3 48
Rune Shield +4 54
Rune Shield +5 60

To upgrade the rune shield you will need a Colorless Demon's Soul and Blacksmith Ed (after giving him Red Hot Demon's Soul).

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