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The Ring of Great Strength is a ring in Demon's Souls

General Information[]

This ring boosts your maximum Equipment Burden by 50%.


  • Cannot remove ring if this causes your load to go over your natural total.
  • Status: Equip Weight UP

In Game Description[]

A ring given to King Allant's Twin Fangs Raises maximum equip burden.

With this great power, the Twin Fang Biorr wielded a massive steel shield, a large crossbow and a huge sword with ease.


Increases equipment capacity weight by 50%


You can obtain the ring without PWWT (Pure White World Tendency).

  1. Kill the Red Dragon or lure it to the bridge and wait for it to breath fire so it will not immediately return to the nest.
  2. Go to the nest area and stand at the edge of the Blue Dragon's tail swing.
  3. Wait for the tail to pass in front of you in left-sweeping motion, at the moment the tail begins to go up run as fast as you can to cliff where the dragon sits, right underneath it's tail. In this position the tail can't reach you.
  4. Wait for the dragon to smash its tail against the wall, then you'll have about 3-4 seconds to grab the ring and go back to the cliff.
  5. Wait for another hit and run away. There you go!
  6. Or, run like mad (sprint) and you can dodge the red dragon flame by moving left, stopping to grab treasure, then sprint left and keep nabbing loot, and when you grab the ring beneath the blue dragon tail, he will smash you. It's a one way ticket, but can be done consistently.