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The Rapier is a [[::Category:Thrusting Swords|Rapier]] in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

A small rapier.
Rapiers have a narrow attack range but deal heavy damage. They work well against metal armor and hard scales but are easily parried and have difficulty breaking enemies' guard.
The wielder of a rapier can attack with a shield raised, so it's better to use it to parry than block attacks while in the left hand.


Attack Description
One-handed R1 Thrusts
One-handed R2 Reaching thrust
Two-handed R1 Thrusts
Two-handed R2 Reaching thrust
Running/Backstep attack Charging thrust
Rolling attack Thrust
Push Short thrust plus backward leap
One-handed L1 Thrust
One-handed L2 Parry


This weapon upgrades up to +10 with Sharpstone, or up to +5 with Bladestone, Mercurystone, Suckerstone, Marrowstone, or Darkmoonstone.