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The Purple Flame Shield is a Large Shield in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

An old, large shield, painted in vivid purple. It's quite heavy and very effective against flame attacks.
The origin of its characteristic design is unknown. This equipment holds many misteries.


  • Found on a corpse close to the dragons nest near the Red Dragon in 1-1. While it is not required to kill the dragon to reach the shield, it will be far safer.


The Purple Flame Shield is a very strong shield for players with ample Endurance and Strength.

While blocking; it will completely nullify physical damage, and provide an astounding 90% resistance to Fire.

It is comparable to the Steel Shield, sporting almost identical stats. The difference is that the Steel Shield provides 20% less Fire resistance, but also weighs two units less and requires four less Strength.

When upgraded down the Dark path, it will also sport a respectable 70% Magic resistance, making it highly adaptable. However, this will reduce Guard Break Reduction to the base value of 60, compared to the 82 it has if its Standard path is completed.


This item can be upgraded by Blacksmith Boldwin only for the normal Purple Flame Shield and if you want the dark path you will need Purple Flame Shield +6 , Cloudstone ,and Blacksmith Ed (After giving him Red Hot Demon's Soul)

Purple Flame Shield []

Name Damage





Purple Flame Shield 80/0/00
Purple Flame Shield +1 84/0/00
Purple Flame Shield +2 88/0/00
Purple Flame Shield +3 92/0/00
Purple Flame Shield +4 96/00/00
Purple Flame Shield +5 100/00/00
Purple Flame Shield +6 104/00/00
Purple Flame Shield +7 108/00/00
Purple Flame Shield +8 112/00/00
Purple Flame Shield +9 116/00/00
Purple Flame Shield +10 120/00/00

Dark Purple Flame Shield []

Name Damage Reduction




Guard Break


Shard Chunk Pure
Dark Purple Flame Shield +1 100/38/90 88/0/0 60 6 N/A N/A
Dark Purple Flame Shield +2 100/46/90 96/0/0 60 8 N/A N/A
Dark Purple Flame Shield +3 100/54/90 104/0/0 60 10 3 N/A
Dark Purple Flame Shield +4 100/62/90 112/0/0 60 10 6 N/A
Dark Purple Flame Shield +5 100/70/90 120/0/0 60 10 9 2