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Primeval Demons are enemies in Demon's Souls.

General information[]

These corpulent, maggot-like demons will appear throughout the Archstones, generally in hard to reach or heavily guarded areas, at Pure Black World Tendency. They are near defenseless, although they can hurt the player with their mandibles should one get to close to their mouth. Primeval demons are immobile, and quite easy to defeat. Upon being vanquished, a Primeval Demon have a high chance to yield a Colorless Demon's Soul, which is used to upgrade unique weapons.

Without duping, up to five of these demons can spawn (one for each world) per playthrough, and consequently five Colorless Demon's Souls. 


Boletarian Palace 1-3 From the archstone, go past where you find the Official's Cap. Take the right stairs and past two guards with their backs to you, you should see the Primeval Demon.

Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 From the archstone, go into the area underneath the falling boulders. Find the crank, go out to the balcony and take the elevator down and you will find a Primeval Demon there.

Tower of Latria 3-2 In the swamp, guarded by Giant Man Centipede off one of the boardwalks which leads to a dead end on a cliff.

Shrine of Storms 4-2 After killing the first Reaper, fall down and turn left. A passageway opens to the left hand side of the Reaper's room. There's a body with an Eye, and on the way, a secret passage entrance that can be destroyed. There's a strong Dual-Katana Black Skeleton here, which can kill you in one hit. After defeating him, continue left and upwards past a Crystal Lizard towards where the White Bow is, until you reach the Primeval Demon.

Valley of Defilement 5-2 Directly facing the Filthy Woman in the "village", head directly left back into the swamp, towards the ramp which leads up to the slug nest. Past some mosquitoes you will encounter the Primeval Demon.