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The Pickaxe is a Hammer in Demon's Souls


In-Game Description

A pickaxe used by excavators for mining.
Wasn't originally meant for combat, but the hard protrusion can be used like a rapier.
A local specialty of Stonefang


Attack Description
One-handed R1 Horizontal swings
One-handed R2 Downward smash plus horizontal swing with second input
Two-handed R1 Vertical swings
Two-handed R2 Up to two sweeping horizontal swings
Running/Backstep attack Charging horizontal swing
Rolling attack Uppercut
Push Quick push
One-handed L1 Block
One-handed L2 Horizontal swing


The Pickaxe is unique among hammers in that it deals thrust damage. Other than that, it's a standard hammer, having great effect against metal armor etc, as well as stealing the target's stamina and destroying shielded carriers.