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Phosphorescent Slugs are enemies in Demon's Souls.


They appear in both the Valley of Defilement, (5-2) and the Shrine of Storms (4-2), both times they are encountered in great numbers.

In the Valley of Defilement, the slugs are found in an alcove in the cliff lining the swamp. A grotesque mass of them hangs above the small patch of land that the Large Sword of Moonlight is embedded in. A few more are dotted around, some on the walls and some in the water. It is possible for the player to get up to the level of the nest the slugs hang from. From there, the player can cut down the nest, causing the slugs to fall onto the ground below, causing a major obstacle in acquiring the Large Sword of Moonlight.

In the Shrine of Storms, the slugs are infesting a subterranean pool of glowing yellow liquid in a cave close to the boss battle with the Old Hero.


Phosphorescent Slugs are expectedly slow moving. Their attacks consist of a short ranged melee, where they will lunge and tackle the player, causing physical damage, and a ranged attack where they will spew a gout of fluid at the player, causing poison buildup if it hits.