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The Phosphorescent Pole is a Polearm in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

A long rod inlaid with a blue jewel that emits phosphorescent light.
Bladeless and lightweight, and due to a magical enhancement, it slowly regenerates the wielder's MP. One of Lord Rydyell's most storied exploits is his theft of this weapon from the witch in the sky.


Dropped by Black Phantom Lord Rydell on 3-1, in pure black world tendency.

General Information[]

Two of these weapons held in either hand stacks for very quick mana regeneration (along with all other mana regeneration items). The two poles have to be upgraded to different levels to work, however. When fully upgraded, this weapon regenerates 1 mp/second. It's the only weapon in the game that resembles a (quarter) staff.