Miracles are a form of Magic in Demon's Souls.

General InformationEdit

Miracles are cast using Talismans as a medium. Talismans scale with the Faith stat. Miracles can be purchased from various merchants found throughout the game. Miracles are largely utility magic focusing on healing and augmentation with few providing pure damage.

Miracle How to learn it
Heal Disciple of God: Costs 5000 souls
Antidote Disciple of God: Costs 3000 souls
Evacuate Disciple of God: Costs 20,000 souls
Hidden Soul Disciple of God: Costs 3000 souls
Recovery Saint Urbain: Costs 3 Colorless Demon Souls (Primeval Demon)
God's Wrath Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Dragon Soul (Dragon God)
Banish Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Yellow Soul (Old Monk)
Regeneration Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Swollen Soul (Adjudicator)
Second Chance Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Hero Soul (Old Hero)
Anti-Magic Field Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Storm Soul (Storm King)
Cure Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Wriggling Soul (Leechmonger)
Resurrection Saint Urbain: Costs 1 Pureblood Soul (Maiden Astraea)
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