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Mind Flayers, also known as Octopus Men, are enemies in Demon's Souls.


Mind flayers are octopus-headed mages who serve as the prison guards in the Tower of Latria.

They are powerful spell casters, who were able to overwhelm and imprison Sage Freke. Presumably under servitude of the Old Monk, they inflict horrific punishment upon trespassers and escapees of the tower. Presumably, they were among the demons that the Old Monk brought with him upon his vengeful return to Latria.


Mind flayers tend to be ignorant of anything that isn't directly in front of them. It is possible to hide in the many prison cells in 3-1 and wait for a mind flayer to pass before going for a backstab, or rushing it with melee strikes. Mind Flayers are formidable foes at range as they will fire high damage Soul Rays indefinitely. If fought within melee range, they may use a shock wave spell similar to God's Wrath. They can also paralyze players with an electric bolt, followed up by a highly damaging grab attack that can instantly kill players with low Vitality. Due to a glitch, they do not register sounds emanating from the player if he/she approaches from behind while two-handing a weapon that is carried over the shoulder (i.e. a Large Sword, a Very Large Sword, or a Large Hammer).


  • Their namesake derives from the Illithid of the Forgotten Realms series.
  • The Pisacas from Dark Souls have a grab attack identical to that of the Mind Flayer. They also, much like the Mind Flayer, have tentacles protruding from their heads.
    • The Brainsuckers from Bloodborne are also similar in that they can shoot a magic projectile to paralyze the player, leaving them vulnerable to their fatal grab attack.