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A Man Centipede is an enemy in Demon's Souls.


They are encountered from throughout the Fool's Idol Archstone as well as before the staircase before the Old Monk.

General Information[]

There are two variants of this enemy. The first is a small centipede with few heads that is relatively easy to kill

The second variant has more heads and is significantly more powerful than the small variant.


Small Man Centipedes can only lunge at or sting the player, and have fairly low HP and attack strength. However, horizontal attacks by the player may miss; it is advisable to use a thrust, downward attack, or a projectile.

Large Man Centipedes deal more damage and HP and have an additional close-range acid spew attack that greatly reduces the durability of all the player's equipment. When its HP is reduced to 50% or less, it will shed its tail; the player can continue attacking during the shedding animation to potentially kill the centipede.