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Maiden in Black

The Maiden in Black is a character in Demon's Souls. She is a demon who tends to the Nexus and allows the player to level through her power over Souls.


The Nexus after defeating the Phalanx.

General Information[]

The origin of the Maiden in Black is never explained. She has always been with the Nexus, but before that she was one of the most powerful of the Old One's Demons. It is not known why she does not side with it. The Maiden allows the player to strengthen themselves by touching the Demon within her, to consume the power of souls.

After all Archdemons are defeated, the Maiden in Black takes the player to The Old One, where they fight King Allant. Afterwards, the Maiden will progress into the Old One, and lull it back into slumber unless prevented by the player.

The motivations of the Maiden are not elaborated, though she considers the Old One and her own eternal slumber to be the proper state of things. When on the cusp of achieving this goal, she expresses deep relief.


  • She does not become hostile when attacked and, while in the Nexus, resurrects shortly after being killed. Killing her does not grant souls, though the Needle of Eternal Agony's attack still earns souls when used on her.
  • She will sometimes move around in the Nexus, but will stay around the Archstones.
    • She can be found in the following places.
      • Sitting next to the last Archstone you entered.
      • Standing directly next to Stockpile Thomas.
      • Standing between Boldwin and the Archstone for Boletarian Palace.
      • Sitting against a column across the hall from Thomas, towards the Valley of Defilement.
      • Standing at the edge of the transparent seal in the center floor.
      • Beside the small statue where you re-appear when you die in The Nexus.
      • Standing in the center of the stairs leading down to the area with dozens of messages.