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The Maiden Astraea Archstone is a location in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

Archstone of the Demon Astraea
Once a Sixth Saint, Astraea lived with those awaiting death in the Valley of Defilement. She pledged herself to a demon's Soul rather than a cruel God to ease the pain of the people there.

General Information[]

This Archstone serves no real purpose other than an easy way to get back to The Nexus after killing Maiden Astraea. It is accessed through the Archstone of the Chieftain. However, the threat of plague is quite lethal due to pools of plague, so the player must make haste as to return to the Nexus without succumbing to the effects of plague, even with a high level of plague resistance. There are also valuable treasure to be acquired, but comes with extreme risks due to both the presence of Plague Babies respawning endlessly and the swamp itself, as it is best not to retrieve them.