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Maiden Astraea is a boss in Demon's Souls.


She is a tall, blonde lady who works to help the plague-stricken and disease affected inhabitants of the Valley of Defilement. When players find her, she is perched on a rock, blood, swamp water and plague staining her skirt and helpless. Her bodyguard, Garl Vinland, is her only form of offense and defense.


  • When you enter the area, you should see three worshippers that are too preoccupied to bother with attacking you. Kill them and proceed to the right cliff, where there are several more worshipers and a short wooden walkway. Kill them all (they will eventually turn on you when you attack her) and move to the edge of the walkway. From this safe point, you can shoot arrows at Maiden Astraea, without any fear of retaliation. This is the easiest way to kill her, assuming that the combination of your bow, arrows, Strength and Dexterity stats are strong enough to outpace her healing spells. Just keep pumping arrows into her as fast as you can.
  • Optional: If you have pure magic build you can knockdown Garl Vinland with Firestorm when he is in attack animation. Then you can run straight to Saint Astraea and one shot her with another Firestorm spell. Remember to bring spell buffing gear (Kris Blade, Ring of Magical Sharpness, Monk's Head Wrapping
  • After Astrea dies, Garl Vinland will stand with his head lowered, and will not engage you unless attacked. You can either fight him, or just load your current game and he will be dead. His armor and shield will be available at his spawning point.