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The Magic Sword "Makoto" is a Katana in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

An ill-rumored katana mentioned in folklore, it is named for a giant in a distant country.
When its unique, long blade meets skin, it tears it apart into a wound that is said will never heal. It is a cursed weapon that devours the wielder's life energy, but despite this, warriors continue to be drawn to this katana.


Found off a corpse in the pit Patches the Hyena lures victims into in 4-2 (The Adjudicator's Archstone). Must have pure white world tendency to access the corpse.

General Information[]

The Magic Sword "Makoto" is a good katana for lower levels, as it possesses higher base damage than either the Uchigatana or the Hiltless as well as slightly greater length. However, it doesn't scale with any stat. This makes it weaker in comparison for higher-level players.

The Makoto drains the wielder's HP at a rate of 1% maximum HP per second, to the point of death eventually if left unchecked. This can be used to a player's advantage to reach the level of HP needed to activate the Clever Rat's Ring or Morion Blade, and is probably the safest and most controllable way to decrease HP.

Satsuki seeks the Makoto. He appears in the beginning of 4-1 in pure white world tendency. If Satsuki speaks with the player while the player has the Makoto, he will attempt to kill the player (regardless of whether or not they give it to him). If the Makoto was given to him, he drops it upon death.