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King Allant is the final boss of Demon's Souls.


He is located below The Nexus, accessible only after slaying all the other bosses, making him the last boss in the game.


An abomination of bloated brown and green flesh that was once King Allant XII. The sword Soulbrandt is stuck to one of its appendages. He speaks with a distorted voice, claiming that the Old One is God's way of purging mankind's corruption from the world.


King Allant XII was once a magnanimous and beloved ruler, who cared deeply for his subjects and fought valiantly against the demons remaining from the First Scourge. However, in his old age, Allant began to grow melancholic. Seeking greater power for himself and his kingdom, Allant found the Nexus and the long-forgotten soul arts. Allant left the Nexus with knowledge of the soul arts, and ushered in an age of unprecedented prosperity for Boletaria. Allant would still remain unhappy however. In time, he grew to believe that the only way to end the pain and suffering in the world was to end the world all together. He took up the demonic blade Soulbrandt, and returned to the Nexus and awoke the Old One, in order to have it end all of human existence by feasting on their souls, thus beginning the Second Scourge.

Allant retreated deep within the Old One, his great power having mutated him into a bloated abomination of flesh, unable to even stand. He fashioned a demon in his own likeness, at the peak of his power, and set it to lead the demon armies to victory in Boletaria.

After the four Archdemons were slain by the Slayer of Demons, Allant invited him to come before him inside the Old One. Allant attempted to reason with the Slayer, but ended up fighting him and dying by at his hand. The Slayer of Demons may then choose to succeed Allant or put the Old One to sleep.


King Allant in this form has moderate HP (comparable to that of the Leechmonger) and no particular weaknesses. He has only one attack, a short-range ram attack that deals moderate physical damage; this attack grants him hyper armor, so should the player's HP be below ~30%, it would be advisable to carefully watch King Allant's movements while attacking in melee range. He also is incapable of moving faster than walking pace, rendering him completely defenseless against ranged attacks or melee weapons with a long reach (e.g. a Large Sword or a Spear). Once King Allant is dead, the player may either exit the Old One's innards or kill the Maiden in Black; either option ends the current playthrough, triggering the "good" and "bad" endings, respectively. There is another way to defeat old king allant. And it is by simply equipping the thiefs ring and using poison cloud on him.