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Imperial Spy is an enemy is Demon's Souls


The player will encounter them throughout 1-3 and 1-4, although there are only 6 throughout the playthrough.

Now, these guys aren't the typical predictable enemies that the player can dodge, the Imperial Spy can score a quick combo before the player can react. Imperial Spy's use daggers that are inaccessible to the player.

Imperial Spy
Location 1-3 Tower Knight Archstone

1-4 Penetrator Archstone

Drops New Moon Grass

Shard of Clearstone

Chunk of Clearstone


Secret Dagger


The player will encounter the first one as they are descending a flight of stairs. The player probably won't see them until the player is halfway down. The best strategies is to quickly combo the Imperial Spy before they can attack. A safer approach is to lure him back up the stairs and into the small courtyard where their ability to score critical hits is decreased.

The player shall encounter three more not too far ahead. After killing the Boletarian Soldier with the crossbow, the player will see a large flight of stairs with an alleyway leading left and 2 leading to your right. If you time it well and make a lot of noise, the player can lure the first Imperial Spy out of the left alleyway, and most likely, the Boletarian Soldier at the top of the stairs will have pushed his flaming boulder down to crush try and crush the player. If done correctly, the Imperial Spy should be killed.

If the player continues up the stairs, a second Imperial Spy will emerge from the right alleyway. Lure him back down into the courtyard where the player should be able to kill him without too much difficulty.

The third Imperial Spy is optional. If the player runs straight up the alleyway, you won't alert him, but if the player takes the last right turn into the alleyway, the Imperial Spy will jump down from the roof. Try not to get trapped in the passageway and deal with him quickly.

As the player ascends up the tower with the two Red Eye Knights, the player will be fired on by two crossbow soldiers. Run onto the platform and dispatch them. A Spy will land on the platform and proceed to attack the player. It's best to kill him as he lands or he will become a nuisance as the player busies with the second Red Eye knight further up the stairs.

Special Note: The Imperial Spies make no noise as if they were wearing the Thief's Ring.


Variation Health Souls Physical Defenses Resistances
(1-3) 268-391 171-246 80 80 80 80 weak weak weak
(1-4) 268-391 171-246 80 80 80 80 weak weak weak