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Hiltless Black Phantom is an enemy in Demon's Souls. He is an unnamed NPC Black Phantom.


The Hiltless Plack Phantom only appears in the area beyond the Adjudicator Archstone, guarding the exit to an alcove at the bottom of a pit behind the Reaper's altar. The same alcove is where the player can find the Magic Sword "Makoto" in Pure White World Tendency, as well as Saint Urbain if the player is entering the pit for the first time in the current playthrough.

General Information[]

This black phantom is equipped with two Hiltless swords and the boots, gloves, and robe of the Venerable Sage's set. He is an agile but aggressive opponent, his general strategy being to repeatedly slash at the player and then roll away. He is relatively adept at dodging projectiles. However, any player with patience and a shield with 100% physical damage reduction can kill him fairly easily simply by blocking his attacks and waiting for the self-damage from hitting with the Hiltless to drain his health; the Hiltless Black Phantom has no means of healing. Alternatively, it is not particularly difficult to kill him with a melee weapon; any form of hit will stagger him, and his moderate health is coupled with generally poor defenses. If he is the first NPC Black Phantom the player happens to kill, he will drop a Black Eye Stone. Otherwise, he drops shards and chunks of Darkmoonstone.


  • The Hiltless Black Phantom is the only non-player enemy that can be killed without directly attacking or using fall damage.