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Giant Depraved Ones are enemies in Demon's Souls.


As their name suggests, they are essentially Larger versions of Depraved Ones, albeit far more dangerous. Instead of the virulent daggers and flaming sticks the standard Depraved ones wield, Giant Depraved ones wield primitive clubs, and use them to deadly effect.


Their size and strength may lead a player to believe they are slow. This is not the case at all. Giant Depraved Ones boast high health, physical strength and stamina reduction. They are also unhindered by the waters of the poison swamp that makes up most of 5-2 while the player will be unable to avoid their attacks. As if that wasn't enough they also appear in groups throughout 5-2. To defeat them, it is best to stay out of water, where one can dodge their attacks more easily. Soul Remains can keep them distracted long enough to damage them with less risk of getting hit. It is important to engage them one at a time.