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The Giant Bearbug is an enemy in Demon's Souls.

General Information[]

Giant, beetle-like enemy which gives off a bigger explosion than the Large Bearbugs when killed. Resistant to most forms of attack, but magic is slightly more effective than other types.


2-2: Armored Spider Archstone


Giant, slow-moving beetle-like enemies with magma protruding from the gaps in it's shell.


Since they have high damage resistance all round, excluding magic, a magic weapon or high physical damage weapon is a good choice to take them down, such as the Northern Regalia or Moon Killij +5. They have only two attacks; a thrusting attack with their needle-like appendage which will always be used even if a player is behind them or beside them and a jumping belly-smash attack which will only be used in open areas such as the lava pit before Flamelurker. When killed, Giant Bearbugs will emit an enormous explosion which can deal 500-1000 damage if fire resistant gear is not worn. It is best to position your character besides its head, neck or behind it as their needle thrust attack can do a fair chunk of damage to HP if unshielded.

Patches will try to trap the player in 2-2 by tricking them into looting a body for 'treasure', which really only contains a normal club. As the body is looted a Giant Bearbug will fall from a platform above the player, trapping them. Players can safely attack its behind but the trick is the explosion. If unshielded, the explosion may one-hit players or knock them off the platform to their deaths. If the players walks up to touching distance of the Bearbug, there will be an opening on the fence the player can jump down to safely. Patches will beg forgiveness whether or not the Bearbug is dead and give the player a Ring of Flame Resistance. If one kills the Giant bearbug before letting it fall and trap you, you can obtain the Ring of Flame Resistance from a corpse it is guarding, and when talking to patches he will ask you how you survived.