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Garl Vinland is a character in Demon's Souls, and is voiced by Josh Cohen, who also voices Ostrava of Boletaria.


He is the brother of Selen Vinland and part of the Vinland Family. He is also the guardian and speculated lover of Maiden Astraea.




  • He will stand still and hold his ground during the boss fight even if you have hit him, only attacking when the player is close enough to touch him.
  • If the player attempts to avoid him and go straight for Maiden Astraea, he becomes much more aggressive.
  • His attacks can be parried.
  • He is also capable of parrying incoming attacks, and a single riposte from his powerful Bramd will usually bring about swift death for the careless player.
  • Occasionally, he will cast Heal, and even more rarely, God's Wrath. However, the player can safely interrupt both miracles by attacking him before he completes the cast.
  • If Maiden Astraea is killed without fighting Garl, then exiting and loading the game causes Garl to die and drop all of his equipment where he falls.


In human form:

In black phantom form (Pure White World Tendency after defeating Maiden Astraea):