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Gargoyles are enemies in Demon's Souls.


Avian demons under the Old Monk's control. Upon defeating the Fool's Idol and nearing the altar that she descended from, three of them will seize the player and fly above the church in which the Idol was fought, and drop the player near the Fool's Idol Archstone. From that point, all gargoyles are treated as enemies and will try to kill the player. There are two variants, one of which is a swordsman that wields a Spiral Rapier and the other is a crossbowman using a Gargoyle Crossbow. Both kinds of gargoyle have a chance to drop their respective weapons.

Gargoyles tend to attack from unexpected angles, some will drop from the air to ambush the player or mimic statues to fool them. They also have a tendency to fly away when injured, then make another attempt at killing the player further on.