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Former Royal's Wife is a character in Demon's Souls. She serves as the merchant of 3-1, and will sell healing and magical items along with rings.



  • Leave without buying anything- "Well, that's quite all right. I wish to stay here, but I need souls to stay sane. Surely you must understand this..."
  • Leave after buying something- "Thank you. Now I can stay here for a little while longer."
  • Greeting after having previously met- "Oh, it's you. Are you looking to purchase something today?"
  • Talk #1- "Redemption? Hah. There exists no such thing."
  • Talk #2- "Telling us over and over that if we go up above, we will be granted redemption."
  • Talk #3- "The church goddess may die, but never for long. And we are trapped below forever."
  • Walk out of conversation without "Leaving"- "My, don't just run off!"
  • Return after abruptly walking out of dialogue- "You came back... are you looking for something special today?"


  • The Former Royal's Wife can be heard singing in an operatic manner whenever the player is within ~30 paces of her cell. She stops if the player enters her cell and then stays within ~10 paces of her cell. The volume of her singing is controlled by music volume in the options menu.