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The Fool's Idol Archstone is a location in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

Archstone of the Demon Fool's Idol
The church devoted to an idol mimicking the queen gave hope to the prisoners, but the malice behind it will crush their faint solace...

General Information[]

The Fool's Idol Archstone is the second Archstone available through the Archstone of the Tower Queen. The player is taken there after defeating the Fool's Idol, initiating a cutscene where Gargoyles carry the player up to the new archstone.


Much of the area consists of narrow pathways guarded by many Gargoyles. Traversal can be dangerous if the player is not careful, as falling off any of the edges will result in death.

The main goal of the area is to destroy the prisoners who are maintaining the chains that hold up a large, organic mass in a central tower. Doing so will open the path to the Maneater boss.

Yurt the Silent Chief can be rescued from a cage in one part of the area. Doing so unlocks the cage as a usable elevator, transporting the player from the narrow pathways above to the swamp down below. The swamp is filled with Man Centipedes. However, the swamp is important to traverse through for your progress in the area and also provides a good number of useful pickups.