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The Fool's Idol is a boss in Demon's Souls.


The Fool's Idol will create duplicates of itself in order to confuse the player. However, the fake ones will die in one hit.


Before entering the fight, the player should kill the old man sitting on an upper balcony next to the Special Key. Should the player not kill him, he will revive Fool's Idol once the player leaves the boss room and returns. This one of a a few unique moments where the boss fog door will allow you to exit it, and then re-enter.

Upon entering the chapel, the Fool's Idol will be floating in front of the stained glass window at the front of the church, with a number of unarmed prisoners standing among the pews. They are not very aggressive, but they may randomly throw a punch at the player for minor damage if not killed.

Most often, as soon as the Fool's Idol spots the player, it will cast a spell that places green rune circles on the ground. They remain in place until the spell is cast again, the player leaves the world or dies, or the Fool's Idol dies. The runes become invisible about a second after being placed; they are much less likely to appear behind the pillars on either side of the room than among the pews. If the player passes over one of the runes, he/she will be paralyzed for about five seconds.

Upon taking damage, the Fool's Idol will counterattack with a projectile spell and then teleport away, then reappearing alongside a number of clones (3-5 depending on the Fool's Idol's current HP). The real Fool's Idol can be recognized by using the lock-on system. The clones will have a health bar above their heads when targeted, but the real one will not.

Additionally, clones fire a small magical dart to attack, where the real one casts a spell which visually resembles Soul Arrow, with a large cloud of particle effects surrounding the projectile. Finally, clones cannot cast the paralytic rune spell, and will vanish after taking ~200 points of damage. The Fool's Idol only does magic damage, making high magic resistance very helpful. Conversely, the Fool's Idol itself is highly magic resistant.