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The Epee Rapier is a Rapier in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

A ceremonial rapier with intricate golden designs.
It is a weapon favored by those of a masked society who meet in secret to discuss the harnessing of Souls. It is imbued with a strong, magical flame, which is one reason why these vicious people are so feared.

General Information[]

As a piercing sword weapon, it has the useful property of being able to attack while you keep a shield raised. Of all the piercing swords or Spears / Poles class items which all share this property, this is the only one which is enchanted with Fire damage besides dragonstone weapons. Additionally, a valuable and unique feature is that its Fire damage scales up with the users Magic stat just like the Moonlightstone path except with added Fire damage instead of Magic.


Name Damage Stat


Epee Rapier 50/0/80 E/C/C/- N/A
Epee Rapier+1 50/0/80 E/C/C/- Colorless

Demon Soul

Epee Rapier+2 50/0/80 E/C/B/- Colorless

Demon Soul

Epee Rapier+3 50/0/80 E/C/A/- Colorless

Demon Soul

Epee Rapier+4 50/0/80 E/C/S/- Colorless

Demon Soul

Epee Rapier+5 50/0/80 E/C/S/- Colorless

Demon Soul