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Enchant Weapon is a spell in Demon's Souls

In-Game Description

High-level Spell
Strengthens right-hand weapon.
(Used with catalyst equipped in left hand.)
Enchanted weapons have magical properties, making them effective against gold armor and hard scales that resist physical attacks.


General Information[]

This spell can only be cast with a weapon in the player's right hand and a spell catalyst in the player's left hand. This spell covers the right-hand weapon with a glowing white aura and causes it to deal a flat amount of bonus magic damage, which is based on the caster's Magic stat, for 60 seconds.
The effect can also be dispelled early if the caster switches to their other right-hand item, or equips a different item in the enchanted weapon's place. This is considered a buff spell, and therefore cannot be dispelled early by Anti-Magic Field, nor can it be cast if the caster is under the effects of any other buff spell.