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Dreglings are an enemy in Demon's Souls.

General Information[]

They are weak, zombie-like enemies. They appear in world 1-1, 1-2, as well as the Tutorial.

Dreglings are the first enemy the player encounters. They are weak and give correspondingly low souls. Although they wield shields, they almost never use them. They often wait to ambush the player in tight or hidden places, surprising less wary players. They are observant and can easily detect the player unless they're moving slowly.


Normal Dreglings often leap at the player if there is enough distance, following up with a series of flurries. They are easy to stagger, as well as being easy to parry. They wear almost no defensive gear, so a well timed swing can hit and most often stagger or kill them mid-leap before they have a chance to hit the player. A shield will easily defend against any attacks as well, however large groups can stunlock reckless players. A few hits can dispatch most Dreglings in the tutorial and 1-1 (they have about 80 health in each of these levels) however, in later levels a stronger weapon may be required due to their increased health.

Some Dreglings utilise Turpentine to exploit the usually low fire defence the player has at the beggining of the game to deal relatively high damage, even through blocks. This will momentarily knockback the player and can also heavily stun the player. Although higher damage, they share similar health to the normal Dreglings and can be dispatched in a few hits. They are far more of a threat than the usual Dreglings if the player is not attentive to distance.

Black Phantom Dreglings appear on Pure Black World Tendency (PBWT) and have increased health, damage and a more aggressive AI compared to normal Dreglings. Although harder to kill, they are still easy to stagger and use the same overall tactics as normal Dreglings, meaning that it simply takes more time, and care, to dispatch them.

Enemy Information[]


Variation Health Souls Physical Defenses Mag & Fire Def Resistances
Hitpoints Souls Normal Defense Blunt Defense Slash Defense Pierce Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Bleed Resistance Poison Resistance Plague Resistance
Normal (1-1) 78 6 80 80 80 80 32 39 Strong Strong Strong
Flame Sword (1-1) 78 9 80 80 80 80 32 39 Strong Strong Strong
Black Phantom (1-1) 156 30 120 120 120 120 48 59 Strong Strong Strong
Normal (1-2) 81 7 80 80 80 80 32 39 Strong Strong Strong
Flame Sword (1-2) 81 11 80 80 80 80 32 39 Strong Strong Strong

Stats are sourced from Atlus's Official Demon's Souls Guide.


Excluding Black Phantom Dreglings, all Dreglings have an uncommon chance to drop the Broken Sword or Slave's Shield. Turpentine Dreglings also have a chance to drop Turpentine along with the standard equipment. All variants have a high chance of dropping Crescent Moon Grass, making them suitable for farming healing items at lower levels.