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The Dragon Bone Smasher is a Very Large Sword in Demon's Souls.


In-Game Description

A bladeless, thick mass of iron used for smashing.
The ancient excavators of Stonefang are said to have created it to face dragons. It is imbued with a spell to protect the wielder from fire. Because of its immense weight, blacksmiths joke that it can scarcely be called a sword.

General information[]

This weapon is upgraded using Colorless Demon's Souls and can only be found in Pure White World Tendency, in the very bottom of the Stonefang Mines, by entering the inner sanctum of the Dragon God's temple and immediately turning left down a rubble-strewn corridor; the sword is partially buried under some rocks.


Attack Description
One-handed R1 Downward chop (flattens humanoid enemies)
One-handed R2 Horizontal cuts (knocks down humanoid enemies)
Two-handed R1 Horizontal cuts (knocks down humanoid enemies, second cut hits behind player)
Two-handed R2 Charging downward chop (flattens humanoid enemies)
Running/Backstep attack Horizontal cut
Rolling attack Low horizontal cut (One-handed)

Downward stab with shockwave (Two-handed)

Push Delayed push
One-handed L1 Block
One-handed L2 Horizontal cut


  • The player can get a piece of Pure Greystone by accepting Scirvir the Wanderer's request to retrieve the Dragon Bone Smasher and talking to him with the Dragon Bone Smasher currently visible on his/her person.
  • Despite the implications of its description, it deals regular physical damage, not blunt.
  • The wielder gains a 20 point bonus to fire defense while holding this weapon.
  • The weapon is a reference to the sword Dragonslayer from the manga series Berserk, which has been noted as a heavy inspiration for the game.