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The Dirty Colossus also known as Vito is a boss in Demon's Souls. She is fought on a very large wooden platform in a cave in the second section of the Valley of Defilement.


The Dirty Colossus is a deformed creature that arose from the compounded filth that accumulated in the Valley of Defilement. She has a golem-like figure with a spiky red carapace which is covered in brown slime and wooden planks. Her sensitive abdomen is protected by a shabby wooden barrel. A cloud of flies is constantly buzzing around her head. A fat maggot-like growth covered in stitches sprouts from Dirty Colossus's left shoulder.


The Colossus' attacks include a slow, horizontal double punch, an overhead slam with her club arm, a rapid-fire insect cloud attack from her wooden arm, an insect cloud explosion with a similar area of effect to God's Wrath, and a random, completely untelegraphed single insect cloud projectile from its head. Getting hit with any insect cloud attacks will cause them to swarm around the player for about fifteen seconds and gradually drain his/her HP, at a noticeably faster rate than the Leechmonger's leeches. The swarm can be dispelled early if the player walks into one of the torches in the room.

In order to actually hurt the Colossus, the player must first destroy the barrel encasing its abdomen. After that, the Colossus still has relatively high HP and defense, with the exception of its abysmal fire defense. Like the Leechmonger, using Turpentine on a weapon greatly reduces the difficulty of the battle. With an upgraded Dragon weapon or a reasonably powerful fire spell, such as Fireball, the fight is rather difficult to lose as long as the player pays attention to his/her HP and heals as necessary.