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Demon's Prank is a spell in Demon's Souls

In-Game Description

Support Spell
Generates a loud sound in a far-off place.
It has little direct effect, so the caster must think creatively to make effective use of it.


General Information[]

The caster fires a magical orb that produces a sound somewhat like a bird call, coming from wherever the orb lands. Much like throwing Soul Remains, any enemies that detect the sound will be drawn to it and try to attack it for a few seconds. The orb tends to travel downwards relative to the direction in which it was aimed, and has limited range.
The spell can be used to divert enemies' attention long enough to heal or apply a buff, draw out enemies without moving from a safe position, or trick enemies into falling off a ledge. Generally, it is best to aim the orb far away from the caster, and so one should aim this spell higher than would be necessary with other projectile spells.