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The Dark Silver Shield is a Standard Shield in Demon's Souls.

Dark Silver Shield


In-Game Description

The dark silver shield of the Vinland Legacy
Known as the oldest of metals, the dark silver is said to purify dark malice. It protects the user from all magics.


There is only one way to obtain this shield per game and to obtain it you have to kill Garl Vinland.

General Information[]

  • Increases Magic defense
  • Decreases Magic damage
    Magic damage penalty only affects Spells
    BlessedMoonCrescent and all weapons with Magic damage will not suffer any Magic damage penalty
  • Generates the same aura as the Rune ShieldRune Sword and the Ring of Magical Dullness
    The Dark Silver Shield tends to replace other auras with its own. This can be confusing at times, but your buffs are still in effect


To upgrade the Dark Silver Shield is with Colorless Demon's Soul ( after giving Black Smith Ed the Red Hot Demon's Soul ) .

Name Damage Damage

Reduction %

Guard Break




Dark Silver Shield +0 70/0/0 100/100/70 50 Increases MagDef by 10%

Decreases Magic Damage by 30%

Dark Silver Shield +1 70/0/0 100/100/70 53 Increases MagDef by 14%

Decreases Magic Damage by 39%

Dark Silver Shield +2 70/0/0 100/100/70 56 Increases MagDef by 17.5%

Decreases Magic Damage by 48%

Dark Silver Shield +3 70/0/0 100/100/70 59 Increases MagDef by 22%

Decreases Magic Damage by 60%

Dark Silver Shield +4 70/0/0 100/100/70 62 Increases MagDef by 26%

Decreases Magic Damage by 73%

Dark Silver Shield +5 70/0/0 100/100/70 65 Increases MagDef by 30%

Decreases Magic Damage by 87%