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Crystal Lizard is an enemy in Demon's Souls.

Crystal Lizard
Locations: throughout the game dungeons (several each level)
Drops Shards (random)

Crystal Lizards are creatures in Demons Souls that can be hunted for shards. They are notably quick to scurry away when they notice the player.

Locations: There are only a few in each level, and a set amount in the entire game, (if you are familiar with the Dark Souls armour/weapon upgrading system, this is basically the original bare bones upgrade system that is built off.)

Drops: Successfully killing Crystal Lizards will net the player a random drop of shards.

Strategy: Lizards have less or more health depending on world tendency and where you are in a level, (eg. more health in 2-3 than a Lizard has in 2-1.) Their drop rate is also decided by world tendency.

It is recommended to rush, or range/sneak attack them before they scurry away. They can be stunned onto their backs repeatedly too. They will often be encountered near cliffs, dangerous areas, or amongst mobs of enemies. Pick up their loot as soon as you kill them, as their loot will disappear when you die or leave the area.