Crescent Axe
Crescent Axe
Fat Official (Very Rare Drop)
Dregling Merchant (1-3, Purchase)
Weapon type Large Axe
Attack type Regular
Icon Physical Attack Power Icon Magic Attack Power Icon Fire Attack Power
115 0 0
Req. Param. Param. Bonus
Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Strength Dexterity Magic Faith
16 12 0 0 D E - -
Icon Bleeding Icon Poison Icon Plague Icon Critical
- - - 0
Icon Damage Reduction Icon Guard Break Reduction Icon Durability Icon Item Weight
55 Physical
10 Magic
40 200 7.0

The Crescent Axe is a Large Axe in Demon's Souls.

Description Edit

In-Game Description

A long-handled large axe with a crescent blade.
Used by the fat ministers with their faint smiles. Its heftiness shows the unbelievable power of the ministers who wield them.