PS3 XInteracts with objects and NPCs.
PS3 SquareUses the selected item.
PS3 TriangleTwo-hands/One-hands right weapon.
PS3Circle (Press standing still)Executes a backstep.
PS3Circle (Hold while moving)Sprints while the button is held down. Drains stamina while sprinting.
PS3Circle (Press while moving)Executes a roll in the direction the player is moving.
PS3 R1Executes a weak attack using the right weapon.
PS3 R1 (After rolling)Executes a rolling attack.
PS3 R1 (While running/after a backstep)Executes a running attack.
PS3 R1 (While flicking the left analog)Executes a push, dealing heavy stamina damage to the enemy if it connects.
PS3 R2Executes a strong attack using the right weapon.
PS3 L1Blocks or executes a weak attack using the left weapon.
PS3 L2Executes a weak attack or a parry using the left weapon.