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Cloak is a spell in Demon's Souls

In-Game Description

Support Spell
Hides one's presence, making it difficult to be detected by enemies.
This spell can be useful when sneaking up behind an enemy or when making a quiet escape.


General Information[]

Cloak reduces the range at which an enemy or NPC will detect the player by approximately 50%. The effect is denoted by the player's feet being covered in gray smoke. The effect is stronger than that offered by the Thief's Ring, but the two effects do not stack. If it is cast while wearing the Thief's Ring, only Cloak's effect will count. It also does not stack with Hidden Soul or the Graverobber's Ring; the latter two are the only ones that will count against Black Phantoms if other stealth effects are active.
This is considered a buff spell, and therefore cannot be dispelled early by Anti-Magic Field, nor can it be cast if the caster is under the effects of any other buff spell.