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Catalysts are casting tools in Demon's Souls. All spells require catalysts with which to cast them.


Catalysts are equipped as weapons and can be used on either the right or left weapon slots. Pressing R1 or L1 (depending on which side the catalyst is equipped) will cast the selected spell. R2 produces a fast, but weak attack, while L2 is a standard parry.

The Catalysts[]

Below is a list of all the Catalysts in Demon's Souls:

Catalysts Attack Misc. Information Requirements Dur./Wgt.
Defense Scaling
Icon Physical Attack Power.png Icon Magic Attack Power.png Icon Fire Attack Power.png Icon Bleeding.png Icon Poison.png Icon Plague.png Icon Guard Break Reduction.png Icon Critical.png Strength.png Dexterity.png Magic.png Faith.png Icon Durability.png Icon Item Weight.png
Icon Damage Reduction.png Icon Magic Defense.png Icon Fire Defense.png
Wooden Catalyst.png
Wooden Catalyst
55 20 5 120 0.3
30.0 10.0 C
Silver Catalyst.png
Silver Catalyst
57 20 6 40 0.5
30.0 10.0 E C
Insanity Catalyst.png
Insanity Catalyst
59 20 E A 400 0.5
30.0 10.0 E A