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Arch Demons[]

Arch Demons are the strongest of the Old One's servants, and the player must get through many lesser demons just to confront an Arch Demon. The player must kill at least one in order to pass through the fog gate beyond the Tower Knight Archstone. Once three are killed, the ambient music in the Nexus will change. All five must be slain in order to confront the Old One.


Demons comprise the majority of true boss battles in Demon's Souls. Their presence is indicated by a large health bar appearing at the bottom of the screen (provided HUD is on), ambient music particular to that boss playing, and an Archstone appearing upon their death. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby. If the player defeats a boss in soul form, they will immediately have their body restored.

Boss Demon's Soul World Optional
Adjudicator Swollen Demon's Soul 4-1 No
Armor Spider Hard Demon's Soul 2-1 No
Blue Dragon Large Flame Scale Demon's Soul 1-4 Yes
Dirty Colossus Eroded Demon's Soul 5-2 No
Dragon God Dragon Demon's Soul 2-3 No
Flamelurker Red Hot Demon's Soul 2-2 No
Fool's Idol Doll Demon's Soul 3-1 No
King Allant N/A The Nexus No
Leechmonger Wriggling Demon's Soul 5-1 No
Maneater Mixed Demon's Soul 3-2 No
Maiden Astraea Pureblood Demon's Soul 5-3 No
Maiden in Black Maiden in Black's Demon's Soul The Nexus Yes
Old Hero Hero Demon's Soul 4-2 No
Old King Allant False King's Demon's Soul 1-4 No
Old Monk Yellow Demon's Soul 3-3 No
Penetrator Silver Demon's Soul 1-3 No
Phalanx Lead Demon's Soul 1-1 No
Red Dragon Small Flame Scale Demon's Soul 1-1 Yes
Storm King Storm Demon's Soul 4-3 No
Tower Knight Iron Demon's Soul 1-2 No
Vanguard Grey Demon's Soul 4-1 Yes